Backbone - Gravity and Other Myths tour

  • Creativity & Culture
  • Performing arts

11 January 2022 - 5 April 2022

Gravity and Other Myths Company (GOM)
Tour in France January – April 2022

Backbone is the culmination of all the company’s work. On stage, ten acrobats accompanied by two musicians highlight the beauty of human relationships and question the notion of strength on an individual and collective level. Alone or in groups, they seek to surpass their limits and test their confidence in others and in the collective.

Backbone proposes a very demanding circus that contrasts with the apparent ease and bonhomie of the artists on stage. On the program: human pyramids, aerobatics, swing, acrobatics on the ground and in the air, all done with two, four, six… people. Virtuosity, commitment, inventiveness and the pleasure of being together on stage are the keywords of Gravity & Other Myths and all these ingredients are sublimated in Backbone.