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22 March 2022

Events to celebrate Australia, land of science and innovation

H.E. Mrs Gillian Bird, Australian Ambassador to France.

The Australian Embassy in France and partners such as the CNRS are organizing a series of scientific events until the summer as part of the Australia now 2022 program. The program includes virtual reality screenings on astronomy, conferences on Franco-Australian research in Antarctica and on the Tasmanian devil, and the Eureka! Scientific Australia exhibition.

This is an opportunity to remind people that Australia, beyond its culture, its natural heritage, and its way of life, is also at the forefront of scientific development.

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11 February 2022

Leila Jeffreys at BHV-Marais: Australian nature in the spotlight

Her work is presented in the windows of the BHV-Marais during the Colours Australia operation from 29 January to 27 February 2022 with the screening of  ‘Nature is not a place to visit. It is home’. The triptych that sees a flock of budgerigars flying with liquid grace between the boughs of a tree, is an ode to the invisible threads that connect us to our habitats and to each other. Leila Jeffreys’ artwork allows the French public to discover the uniqueness of Australian nature, to explore the diversity and beauty of its colours and to live an immersive experience among some of its most emblematic birds.

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