Australia now 2021–22 Program

31 May 2022

Lecture – The Tasmanian devil and Darwin: the role of cancer in evolution

This lecture, hosted by French biologist Frédéric Thomas, focuses on the study of transmissible cancer in Tasmanian devil populations and presents the research carried out on the ground as well as in the lab. Tailored to the general public, this lecture will give us further insights on a relatively new research topic, as well as on the evolutionary factors at play in the development of cancer and the methods of adaptation animals have developed to face it.

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  • Lyon

9 June 2022 — 9 July 2022

WEAVING CULTURE II – Ikuntji Artists: A journey into Australia’s central desert

Presenting the Ikuntji Collection of Aboriginal textile accessories developed by IDAIA in collaboration with the Ikuntji Artists’ cooperative, the exhibition includes a selection of artworks and objects, from paintings and sculptures to prints and photographs, taking you on a journey to the ancestral land of the artists, to discover their landscapes, their stories and their art.


  • Performing arts

11 September 2021 — 29 January 2022

‘An Evening Length Performance’ & ‘Hyperspace’, James Batchelor and collaborators

Choreographer James Batchelor and Collaborators will tour a compliment of contemporary dance works Hyperspace and An Evening-length Performance as part of Australia now France 2021-22. The tour includes performances at the Fondation des Etats-Unis (Paris) and bespoke garden performances in Versailles (Plastique Danse Flore) and Dijon (Entre Cour et Jardins).

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