Webinar - metrology for water systems


9 May 2022


9am -11am France, 5pm-7pm AEST




The webinar is divided into two short parts: the first part presents innovative and original monitoring systems dedicated to water management such as wetlands, rivers, water sensitive urban design or sewer. The second part proposes three different experiences of the use of drones for water systems.

Opening : Prof. Katherine Daniell

Part 1 – metrology for water management, some innovative examples (50 mn)

Rob James – A bespoke approach to hydrological monitoring using low-cost sensors (AU)
A/Prof Oldrich Navratil – Low-cost sediment transport monitoring (FR)
A/Prof David McCarthy – Covid testing in water (AU)
Q&A + discussion partie 1

Part 2 – drones dedicated to water systems monitoring (50 mn)

Dr. Raphaël Antoine – Geoscientists in the sky: how drones are advancing research in Hydrology (FR)
Dr. Kathryn Russell – Drone survey and open-source methods to extract of morphological attributes (AU)
Dr. Moustafa Kasbari – Dike survey by drones (FR)
Q&A + discussion part 2

Closing : Dr. Nathalie Simenel-Amar – French Embassy funding for the French-Australian collaboration

The event is in French and English with simultaneous translation
Registration is free and compulsory